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The Story

I was gearing up for my biggest year of Wedding Photography yet, then found myself twiddling my thumbs in 2020 as the event industry collapsed...
While I was still constantly looking to quench that desire to create, Tog Lady Loot was conceived when my situation and desires suddenly aligned and the journey into creating a brand for my Tog Sisters became the only way forward!

I wanted to be closer to my people.

I always found Photography to be quite isolating. I found my people in a Facebook group for Australian Female Wedding Photographers. I loved to engage with my Tog Sisters. I know we all crave the same connection, but it's hard to connect in real life; with kids, and work. Just like any job, you find your friends at work, but as a Tog you work with different people all the time - it's not easy to really connect.

I also wanted to boost my sense of identity, and my personal branding game.

It was years of identity crisis at the beginning of my photography career. At what point can I say I'm a photographer? I mean, just because I take photos with a DSLR doesn't mean I can say it! Thankfully I got over that dilemma, but even to this day, after 10 years shooting professionally, I still feel a little awkward saying "I'm a Photographer". So I designed some products that SHOUT my identity, and give me a little leg up to put myself in the picture.
I also knew what I wanted as a Photographer, ie. I wanted a backpack that was feminine, but also really functional... but not too feminine, and not too "functional" looking! This is something I just couldn't find, and I knew I had to do something about it!
I hope you resonate with what I've created, and put yourself in the picture too!
- Grace Mac, Founder